Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why do people get involved in martial arts training?
  • What are some of the benefits of martial arts training?
  • What makes martial arts different from other sports?
  • What makes Z-Ultimate’s personalized training unique?
  • Who should study martial arts?
  • Why do we love teaching martial arts?
“When I asked Paulie what he liked most about karate, he replied that he felt proud of himself when he was finished with class each week. Your program has given Paulie an opportunity to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

“My husband attended class for the first time last week. He was impressed with your unit on stranger danger; you presented the material in a way that was not frightening to the children and yet you were still able to convey the message of personal safety to each of them. He was impressed with the fact that you directly spoke to each individual child and gave each of them personal attention and instruction.

“The dialogue that you have with the children during each of the lessons is one of the many reasons that we believe martial arts training is vital to our child’s development. You often speak to the children about staying focused during their lesson. We have reinforced this message when doing reading exercises with Paulie. You are truly helping to shape our child’s mind as well as helping him develop physical strength. Thank you for your hard work and for being a role model for our children.” - Robin C

Parent of a Black Belt