Personalized Martial Arts

Martial Arts Training – Customized to Fit You!

You move like you move. You learn in your own way and at your own pace. Your athletic history differs from everyone else. Your age and maturity helps guide how quickly you learn. Your physical and mental abilities are also a factor in how you learn, process and perform what you are taught. No one else on Earth is exactly like you.

Almost the entire martial arts industry (and for that matter the health & fitness industry) is based upon teaching clients or students in large groups. This method of instruction is used in almost all areas of our lives and has been around for countless years. It’s a great way to learn through interaction with others, but it’s got some drawbacks, too. In a martial arts group setting, the instructor – depending on the size of the class – may only get a minute or two of focused attention on an individual student, and many times, it is much shorter than that. The instructor has to make sure the class moves along at the correct pace, that everyone is training safely and teach the required movements for the day. There simply isn’t time for the instructor to stop and spend significant time with a student that may be having challenges learning new techniques or concepts. This means that if group classes are the only methodology available, you won’t necessarily learn and develop as quickly as you are able to. Conversely, if you need extra attention to understand or develop your skills, it is difficult to get. It’s easy to feel left behind with only this format available.

At Z-Ultimate, our focus is on personalized instruction, helping each student progress at their own individual pace and supporting them through learning challenges. Yes, we offer group sessions since there is a lot to be learned in that format, but with personalized instruction, a student’s accountability, motivation and progress are all accelerated, far more than possible in a strictly group lesson format.

Personalized Instruction is the Most Powerful Solution

Z-Ultimate prides itself as one of the only martial arts organizations that specializes and structures its program around personalized martial arts classes. We understand that everyone learns at their own pace, moving forward and developing their skills as quickly as they are capable. With personalized instruction, our teachers customize their teaching to your athletic ability, learning style and learning speed so that you develop your skills in a way that’s right for you. This allows us to modify the martial arts style to the student – NOT the student to the martial arts style.

In addition, we are also able to offer much more flexible scheduling for students than most other schools. Focusing on this format, we’re also able to help a tremendous number of people who have different challenges that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to experience the many benefits of martial arts training, for example:

  • Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Extremely busy corporate executives
  • People with physical or cognitive disabilities
  • People who feel too shy to participate in a group setting 
  • Children with excess energy
  • People who have experienced trauma in the past and are afraid of loud noises

Each of these groups can still get the benefits of training, but in an atmosphere that is best suited to help them learn and grow.

Come in and see how Z-Ultimate’s personalized approach will help you or your child achieve your personal best by scheduling your free trial Introductory Private Session today!

“My son Cameron started hesitatingly, having tried martial arts a few years ago at a different studio and it was not a good experience for him. It took some prodding, but he finally decided to give it another try. I’m pleased to say the once hesitant Cameron loves Sensei Ben and his lessons and is loving it more and more every day! It has become his favorite recreational activity. With each belt promotion, Cameron has developed more and more self-confidence. He is more self-disciplined and has self-respect. He is not afraid of the bullying he may face in adolescence, because he now possesses the confidence to handle a situation maturely. The discipline and self-confidence he has gained have also carried over to his schoolwork. He is accepting more responsibilities around the house, which is a nice bonus!

“We commute [over 20 miles] to attend classes. There are studios closer to home which I am sure are great studios, but I am sure we would not find a studio that would offer us the quality of learning and the atmosphere, and we would never find a better martial arts instructor.”

- Colleen C

Parent of a Black Belt