Adult Programs

Our adult curriculum is a comprehensive approach to the study of martial arts. Adults work within the full range of the Z-Ultimate system, which is based around an approach focusing on three aspects of martial arts training: CLASSICAL, PRACTICAL, and TACTICAL.

Our Martial Arts Training Methodology – Classical, Practical & Tactical

Z-Ultimate is proud of our commitment in helping our students realize the powerful rewards of martial arts training and achieving their personal best. Most martial arts schools have their main focus of instruction on one of these three aspects. Some may focus on two. But it is very rare to find a system that incorporates all three. Z-Ultimate’s training method provides the best blend of the classical aspects of the martial arts, combined with practical and tactical applications, preparing the student to be able to understand, perform and apply their knowledge to whatever situation may arise.



A strictly “Classical” style will focus solely on traditional forms (also called katas) and basic movements; blocking, striking, kicking and footwork. Our classical methods approach (think “body”, or physical) is rooted in traditional training methods (basic movements, body conditioning and strengthening exercises), memorized techniques, and forms which constitute the core of our system.  With focused actions of repetition and memorization, we develop the skills of strength, speed, coordination, timing, gauging, footwork, and recognition of attacks necessary for self-defense.

As with any new skill, especially physical skills, it takes a certain amount of dedicated practice to overcome our natural reactions and develop a new habit or proper response.  The continuous training of techniques with a partner hard wires in us the proper responses and body movements for a given situation. The goal of classical training is to develop our newly learned and trained responses and make them automatic skills.  The classical training method continues to be used even through Master Levels of Black Belt since it is the foundation on which the other skills are built.




A “Practical” style or system usually doesn’t have traditional forms or techniques. The focus is on techniques and constant drilling over and over of those techniques and constant sparring. There is usually no time dedicated to tactical situations or “reality-based” scenarios, with things like eye gouging, hair-pulling, situational self-defense and more.

Z-Ultimate’s Practical Method (think “mind”) moves our training beyond the classical techniques to more realistic attacks and how the student should adjust accordingly.  It’s during these Practical Training sessions that the student begins to understand the “how, why, and what if’s” of the movements and how to make them work for the individual. The emphasis is on learning practical applications of traditional movements.




A “Tactical” martial art style is generally focused on reality-based life and death scenarios. There are usually no traditional forms or training methods; there is limited sparring and much more focus on weapons training and defense.

Our Tactical Method (think “spirit”) is the essence of self-defense training. The student utilizes their martial arts skills gained from the Classical and Practical methods in the Tactical training exercises of free style drills and sparring, both empty handed and with weapons. The purpose of the these tactical exercises is to develop an understanding of what the student is capable of, what works for them, and what areas in their training need improvement in case of a real life situation or simply for skill achievement. Special emphasis is placed on developing the proper attitude and presence (the “spirit” part) that’s needed for a tactical situation.  The old saying, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight.  It’s the size of the fight in the dog” is very true in the context of a self-defense situation. Another way that we like to put it is that no one wants to fight, but you must have the willingness to do so if necessary, and you must have the proper mindset to prevail.


The Power is in the Combination of the Classical – Practical – Tactical Aspects

We at Z-Ultimate believe that ALL martial arts styles have their strengths and no one style, one method, one technique or one anything is the answer. We believe the power is in combining the best of each of the Classical – Practical – Tactical aspects of self-defense training into the most useful, practical, well-rounded system possible. In becoming an accomplished martial artist, one recognizes that the Classical, Practical, and Tactical methods are interrelated, working together to help each individual grow and achieve their best.

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“Where do I begin?! Z Ultimate Defense has far exceeded my expectations and I’ve been to other martial arts centers…..not the same experience at all!!!! The instructors are attentive and engaging. They truly enjoy what they do and enjoy teaching both children and adults. I am amazed by the positive energy at every class my sons and I have taken jointly, independently, and in the classroom. I love the option of private classes and set class times. My sons are both excited to go to their lessons and I have seen an increase in focus and confidence in them.”

- Dawnn E

Student and Parent of 2 Students